Doing the Work of the Ministry - Fulfilling the Law of Christ

February 19, 2018

God expects that if He brings a need to our attention, we are to act.


Doing the Work of the Ministry - Investing in Eternity

February 11, 2018

You can not serve God and money, but you can serve God with money.


Doing the Work of the Ministry - Project Tabernacle

January 28, 2018

God always chooses people in His Kingdom to fulfill His Plan.

Bezalel get the call to the work of training others to the handy work of the Tabernacle.

Every craftsman was stirred by God, grateful to Him, and built for Him.


Devoted to the Gospel

January 21, 2018

Paul’s role as preacher of the gospel was not something he had chosen for himself, but a task which has been assigned to him by God.

Just because we did not see the same vision as Paul, we do have the same assignment.

God has called all of us into the ministry.


Doing The work of The Ministry

January 14, 2018

The work of the ministry is not for the pastors to do everything.

God gave gifts not to hide or neglect it, but use it for God’s Glory.

The Lord measured and portioning of gifts to make up the church.

God is going to call to account how those gifts were used.


The Wonder of Christmas - The Passion

January 7, 2018

Our culture has forgotten about Christmas so much that we have to say Jesus is the reason for the season.

Passion - the Love of God

Passion - the Sacrifice of Jesus


Big Problems, Bigger God

January 1, 2018

The Whole Christmas Story

December 24, 2017

The Birth of Jesus Christ is really the middle of the True Christmas Story.


The Wonder of Christmas: The Visitation

December 24, 2017

Why were the wise men the only ones following the star?