The Wonder of Christmas - The Revelation

December 17, 2017

Our God became less than what He is to redeem His creation.

Jesus went through the human process to be the Savior.

God chose a young virgin girl, Mary to be the body to carry the Messiah.

Mary was willing to endure the shame of being used by God


The Wonder of Christmas: The Submission

December 12, 2017

Gabriel was not there to make her afraid but to bring her news of God’s Plan for her.


The Wonder of Christmas

December 3, 2017

These was no room in the inn (private guest rooms) Joseph would only have to announce his lineage that rooms would be open, but in this case there was no room.

The wonder of Christmas isn’t all the lights and decorations or even the presents. The wonder of Christmas is the God became a human baby for us.


Outrageous Love

November 26, 2017

Developing A Gratitude Attitude

November 19, 2017

Thankfulness is the cure for complaining, envy, fear, and anger.


The Mystery of Evil

November 12, 2017

God allowed James to be killed and yet delivered Peter from the same fate, yet without an explanation

We know that even though God has defeated evil that it still rages on for now.

God allows evil now according to His purposes but it will not exist forever: only good will


The 9th, 10th & 11th Judge - Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon

November 5, 2017

An assumption can be made that each of these judges came to power to deliver Israel from captivity.


The 8th Judge: Jephthah (Part 4)

October 29, 2017

Jephthah, showing no mercy, slays about 42000 Ephraimites, almost the total male population of the whole tribe.

Jephthah got his promotion but at what price.

It wasn’t his fault he was the son of a prostitute, nor kicked by his brothers, but he was responsible for how he behaved


The 8th Judge: Jephthah (Part3)

October 22, 2017

Jephthah’s vow was irresponsible because God forbade human sacrifice.

Jephthah was so permeated in the culture of his day that he thought like a pagan and so acted like one in his vow


The 8th Judge: Jephthah (Part2)

October 15, 2017

This time the Lord said He was not going to deliver Israel this time.

Jephthah and Israel were so far from God that they never really knew Him.

How gracious a God who brought Israel the victory even though their sin.