Choosing Your Harvest

January 22, 2017

The Bible does not forbid the possession of money, but the Bible does forbid us from loving money. Loving money makes people forget God and trust in their wealth instead


Focused on Eternity

January 18, 2015

1. What is the natural focus of our lives?
2. What is the emotion that cripples us in our focus?
3. What does God tell us to stop in our focus?
4. What are we not to store up?
5. What are the problems of earthly treasure?
6. What is important to be stored up?
7. What are the advantages of Heavenly treasure?
8. What is the treasure principle?
9. What effect does the treasure have on our hearts?
10. What makes our eyes the light of our body?
11. What is our spiritual eyesight called?
12. Why can we not serve two masters?
13. Who are the two masters?
14. Why does God warn us about worry?
15. When we worry what are we not doing?
16. What are three things we worry about?
17. What does the bible about life being more than things?
18. How does nature teach about trusting God?
19. What are we in comparison to nature to God?
20. How do we overcome worry?
21. What promise do we have in choosing to focus on the eternal?